Electronic Cargo Manifest

Electronic Cargo Manifest

The Trustworthy Electronic Cargo Manifest Service

 As a licensed service provider for Government Electronic Trading Services, Ge-TS was appointed by the Government on April 11, 2006 to provide electronic cargo manifests (EMAN) service.

In accordance to the Import and Export (Electronic Transactions) Ordinance 2002, the use of EMAN services has become mandatory for air and rail cargoes since July 2004 and for ocean and river cargoes since June 16, 2006.

Please click here for the latest details about full migration to Electronic Submission of Cargo Manifests (EMAN) in respect of Ocean and River.

You can lodge manifests electronically to 3 separate Government Departments (Customs & Excise Department, the Census and Statistics Department and the Trade and Industry Department) all at once though a single submission.

For traders who do not prefer submitting the documents electronically on their own, Ge-TS also provides Paper-to-Electronic Conversion service to covert paper Trade Declaration into electronic messages for submission to the Government. You may submit your paper Trade Declarations in Ge-TS Forms to Ge-TS Service Centre.

 Service Hours

We provide round-the-clock (24 hours daily, 7 days a week) electronic submission of Cargo Manifests. Any submission beyond Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) operating hours will be stored at Ge-TS system and transmitted to the Government until GETS resumes operation.

 Service Terms and Conditions

For more information, please refer to the Service Terms and Conditions and Services Price Reference.