Ge-TS Services Price* Reference

Electronic Services

Electronic Services Service Details Services Fee1

Registration and Annual Fees

Initial Registration Fee
(Special Offer)


Annual Fee
(Special Offer)


Import or Export Declaration

Basic Charge for Trade Declaration2

$16.3 per trade declaration (excluding Government charges)

Electronic Cargo Manifest

Basic Charge for River Manifest

$10 per manifest

Basic Charge for Non-River Manifest

$15 per manifest

Dutiable Commodities Permit

Basic Charge for Ships' Store Permit

$10 per permit

Basic Charge for Non-Ships' Store Permit

$10 per permit

Warehouse Return Charge

$250 per month

Certificate of Origin/Certificate of Origin – Processing

Basic Charge for Electronic Service3

$10 per application

Notes (Details)

Value Added Services (Details)

Paper Conversion Services