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To maintain Hong Kong's position as a leading trade centre, the HKSAR Government promotes the use of electronic means to conduct business in the trading community and encourage traders to transact their business electronically with their trading partners. As an appointed service provider of the HKSAR Government, Global e-Business Services Limited ('GO-Business') under the brand name of 'Ge-TS 商貿易', provides Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS).  As your helping hand in eBusiness, we aim to provide the most cost-effective electronic trade services to the trading community with excellent customer services, application of innovative and proven technology.

Our Company

Global e-Trading Services Limited


Under the Electronic Trading Services License (GETS license), the HKSAR Government completely outsources the provision of its front-end electronic trading services to 'Ge-TS'. In other words, 'Ge-TS' processes trade-related documents, provides customer and technical services, and collects payment on behalf of the HKSAR Government.

Ge-TS provides full range of electronic services to the trading community, including lodgment of Import and Export Declarations (TDEC), the application of Dutiable Commodities Permit (DCP), Electronic Submission of Cargo Manifests (EMAN) Service, Road Cargo System (ROCARS) Service and bill payment for Port Security Charge. We deploy XML, the latest technology, as the electronic standard transmission between our system and the Government Gateway.

Global e-Business Services Limited


GO-Business is a subsidiary of Computer And Technologies Holdings Ltd, a publicly listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK Stock Code: 00046). GO-Business has been granted the Government Electronic Trading Services License (GETS license) on March 24, 2003 to provide electronic services to the trading community for submission of trade-related documents to the Government, under the brandname of 'Ge-TS'.  The appointment has been effective from January 2004.

GO-Business also provides electronic tendGO-Business also provides electronic tendering services and logistic systems to the Government and all industries, including the first electronic tendering system called ETS used by the Government Logistics Department (GLD), and

To best serve our customers and bring benefits to the trading community of Hong Kong as a whole, both GO-Business and Ge-TS provide a full range of value-added services and customised solutions with your specific business needs.