Import/Export Declaration

Import/Export Declaration

The Most Advanced Import/Export Declaration Solution

 As the Government Electronic Trade Services (GETS) provider, Ge-TS provides services which enable you to lodge all six types of Import/Export Declaration (TDEC) electronically, including:

Import Declaration

  • Form 1 for imports of non-food items 
  • Form 1A for imports of food items only
  • Form 1B for imports of gold bars of 995.0 fineness or above only

Export/Re-Export Declaration

  • Form 2 for exports or re-exports of non Hong Kong made clothing and footwear items and articles exempted from declaration charge
  • Form 2A for exports of Hong Kong made clothing and footwear items only
  • Form 2B for exports of gold bars of 995.0 fineness or above only

Using our TDEC service, you can:

  • Prepare and validate TDEC round-the-clock (24hours daily) before submission
  • Submit TDEC and amend submitted TDEC as message
  • Use and search the Government Classifications of Transportation Mode, Country, HS Code, Units and Package
  • Create TDEC templates and product ID for duplication
  • Receive and reply queries from and to the Government
  • Check status and print reports of TDEC
  • Create Bar-coded fax cover to facilitate submission of supporting documents

Full range of service packages are available NOW.  Please contact us by following method for your own customised solution and services.:

For traders who do not prefer submitting the documents electronically on their own, Ge-TS also provides Paper-to-Electronic Conversion service to covert paper Trade Declaration into electronic messages for submission to the Government. You may submit your paper Trade Declarations in Ge-TS Forms through our Counter Collection Service, Drop-in-Box Service, Pick-up Service, or Postal Service. Ge-TS will convert the information furnished on the paper forms into corresponding electronic message and submit to the Government.

In case misuse of form types, the traders are required to re-lodge a declaration using a correct type of import or export/re-export declaration form and shall be liable for payment of late lodgement penalty and/or relevant declaration charge. Please call us at (852) 8201-0082 for follow up procedure of misuse of import/export trade declaration forms.

Importer/Exporter is reminded to use an valid Business Reg. No. when using company identity to submit TDEC.


Service Hours

We provide electronic submission service at Ge-TS round-the-clock (24hours daily). Any submission beyond Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) operating hours will be stored at Ge-TS system and transmitted to the Government until GETS resumes operation at 7:00am. Trade Declaration messages sent to us between 11:00pm and 7:00am will be timed as transmission to the government on the following day.


Service Terms and Conditions

For more information, please refer to the Service Terms and Conditions and Services Price Reference.