Dutiable Commodity Permit

Dutiable Commodity Permit

The Easiest-to-Use Dutiable Commodities Permit System

 Ge-TS's Dutiable Commodities Permit (DCP) service allows you to apply for various types of DCP electronically, including  

  • Removal Permit for Duty-Paid Goods (Black Permit)
  • Removal Permit for Dutiable Goods (Green Permit)
  • Export Permit (Red Permit)
  • Ships' Stores Permit (Red Permit)
  • Pass and Vouchers
  • Age Certificate Application
  • Customs Appointment
  • Dutiable Code Application

Major players involved in the transaction of dutiable commodities like traders and warehouse operators can submit DCP to the Government through Ge-TS:

  • Prepare Ships' Store Application, Code Application, Age Certificate, Customs Appointment, Query Response, Executed Permit Advice (EPA) and Payment Confirmation Advice to the Government
  • Receive response from the Government
  • Prepare daily pass/voucher notification
Warehouse Operator
  • Receive and approve Permits
  • Submit the Executed Permit Advice (EPA) to Customs and Excise Department
  • Prepare Warehouse Return

For traders who do not prefer submitting the documents electronically on their own, Ge-TS also provides Paper-to-Electronic Conversion service to covert paper DCP into electronic messages for submission to the Government. You may submit your paper DCPs in Ge-TS Forms to Ge-TS Service Centre.

 Service Hours

We provide electronic service at Ge-TS system round-the-clock (24hours daily). Any submission beyond Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) operating hours will be stored at Ge-TS system and transmitted to the Government until GETS resumes operation.
The Office of Dutiable Commodities Administration Licence and Permit Division operates on a 5-day week, Monday to Friday.  Please click here for the Government Announcement or contact the Office hotline 3759-2500.

 Service Terms and Conditions

For more information, please refer to the Service Terms and Conditions and Services Price Reference.