Road Cargo System (ROCARS)

Road Cargo System (ROCARS)

Simple Solution for Road Cargo System (ROCARS)

 Since 17 November 2011, it has become a mandatory requirement for shippers and forwarders acting as a shipper (or an agent of either party) to provide a pre-defined set of cargo information (e-ACI: electronic advanced cargo information) through the Government Road Cargo System (ROCARS) before the cargo consignment enters or exits Hong Kong by truck. As an acknowledgement, ROCARS returns a Customs Cargo Reference Number for the cargo consignment to the shipper or agent who would then pass it to the trucker. Before trucker arrives at a land boundary control point (“LBCP”), he should complete the ‘bundling’ work by providing the Customs Cargo Reference Number and his vehicle’s registration number.

Ge-TS have pioneered a revolutionary ROCARS integration platform aimed at simplifying e-ACI submission, bundling procedures and provide data inheritance towards both TDEC submission, thus completing TDEC and ROCARS submission in one go! With this one-stop Ge-TS ROCARS platform, users can save time and effort through reduced need for repetitive manual entries.

Benefits to Ge-TS Users

  • Process Streamline: Complete the whole process within 10 seconds by inputting pre-defined data

  • Comprehensive Design: Easily view road cargoes information within one page instead of few pages at Customs & Excise Department’s website
  • Integrated Bundling: Perform bundling within system providing more flexibility and accuracy to customers
  • TDEC Integration: ROCARS data can be inserted into Ge-TS TDEC system to reduce duplicate data entry and save time and resources
  • Intuitive Design: Easy to use, this system incorporates user friendly features such as manual and batch import. Users can simplify processes and streamline operations through our efficient interface.
  • Registration Free: Ready for use, no need registration with C&ED for ROCARS as Ge-TS will act as your agent

For enquiries about registration or information, please call our customer service hotline at (852) 8201 0082.

 Service Hours

We provide round the clock ROCARS submission service, users can submit e-ACI and perform bundling anywhere and anytime through our web-based platform.